Water Manipulation

Transmutation School – Level 4

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 300 feet

Duration: 1 hour, using Concentration

Effect: You can control a large amount of water around you to produce multiple effects.

Choose 1 point within reach. All the water within 50 feet of that point is affected by 1 following effects of your choice:

  • You can freeze that water, provided that the water is completely still. If there’s any creature in that water, its heartbeats would be enough to make the water not still enough to freeze it.

  • You can change that water color, smell and density.

  • You can change the water temperature, provided that the temperature doesn’t change the liquid state of the water

  • You can move that water, or change its flow to make 1 Attack. On a hit, you can deal a maximum of 3d10 strike damage.

  • You can use the water to douse flames, making all creatures within 50 feet of that point stop being Ignited.

  • You can create a whirlpool. All creatures within 50 feet of that point in the water are considered to be in harsh terrain. All creatures that start their turn in that area, or enter in that area for the first time during their turn must make an Athletics Save. On a fail, a creature takes 1d12 strike damage and is pushed 25 feet in the direction of that point. On a success, that creature only takes half that damage.

  • You can use water to throw yourself or any other willing creature. All willing Large or smaller creatures within 10 feet of that point can then move 100 feet in any direction.

Once per round, you can repeat any of these effects on the water as an Action while the spell lasts. You and your GM can also come up with additional uses for this spell, as long as these effects have similar powers as the effects above.

Spell List: Druid, Inventor, Sorcerer, Wizard