Normal Feats

Feats are abilities that your character chooses when reaching certain levels, or even start with depending on its race.

Cursed Feats

Dark pacts and other Curses can make your character become much stronger.

When you choose a Feat, you can also pick a Cursed Feat. Cursed Feats are very powerful, but they come at the cost of an equally bad Curse.

Divine Feats

The gods are very picky about who they bless and only choose a select few.

When selecting a Feat, you have the option to choose a more powerful Divine Feat. However, there is a minimum RP requirement to choose a Divine Feat.

If your RP drops below that requirement, you temporarily lose access to the Divine Feat you have chosen. But if you regain RP, you can regain access to that Divine Feat.

To calculate your RP for Divine Feats, you combine all your RP pools because the gods know all your achievements, even if you’ve disguised yourself or moved to a different region.

Switching Feats

When you Level up, you can switch 1 Feat you have with the permission of your GM.

If you switch a Cursed Feat, you also lose the Curse from that Feat even if that Curse was Permanent. The GM might also choose to do a special quest in order to switch the Feat in order to make the narrative of the game more interesting.

Legendary Feats

Legendary Feats are special abilities that only the most powerful characters have access to.

These Legendary Feats can only be gained when a character reaches a specific high level in the game.

Legendary Feats & Multiclassing

If you are Multiclassing and you would pick a Feat while on Tier 5 or Tier 6, you can instead pick a Legendary Feat.

However, you can have a maximum of 2 Legendary Feats.