Pre-Made Character Sheets

Character Sheet is your way to interat with the world. It has vital details about your character, like its race, class, skill bonuses and abilities.

It serves as a quick reference during gameplay for you to remember the cool things your character can do. 

We created a few pre-made character sheets for you. You can use them as it is, or you can take them and use as an inspiration for another character you are doing. If you want to start from scratch, we also have a guide for you here.

Fighter Level 1

An experienced and versatile warrior. With consistent damage and can take a few punches.

Cleric Level 1

A devoted and religious believer, capable of using divine magic.

Rogue Level 1

A fast warrior, capable of striking with precise agility.

Swashbuckler Level 1

A lucky warrior, which uses tricks to achieve what they want.

Wizard Level 1

A smart scholar that studied the arcane arts and is now capable of using arcane magic.