The third step on creating your character is to choose their Character Class.

Choosing your Class

The Class you choose is the path your character is going to take. Here’s a list with the 14 Classes you can choose from:

  • Barbarian: A brute and enraged warrior that recklessly attacks their enemies on the battlefield.
  • Bard: A charismatic musician, capable of using powerful magic through words and performance.
  • Cleric: A devoted and religious believer, capable of using powerful divine magic.
  • Druid: A wise and wild sage, capable of using powerful natural magic
  • Fighter: An experienced warrior, capable of fighting like a master of war.
  • Inventor: A genius, capable of creating powerful and magical gear in an instant.
  • Monk: A warrior trained in the martial arts, capable of using their own body as a deadly weapon.
  • Paladin: A devoted and religious warrior, capable of both fighting and using divine magic.
  • Ranger: A wild hunter, capable of adapting itself to any environment and using natural magic.
  • Rogue: A fast warrior, capable of striking their Attacks with incredible power.
  • Sorcerer: A soul bounded by powerful blood, granting innate magic.
  • Swashbuckler: A lucky warrior, which uses tricks to achieve what they want.
  • Warlock: A soul bounded by a pact that granted magical powers.
  • Wizard: A smart scholar that studied the arcane arts and is now capable of using powerful arcane magic.

Class Levels

Your character will have Class Levels in this game, which will determine how strong your character actually is.

You start at 1st Level in the class that you have chosen. You gain all of the abilities listed on 1st Level, and as you Level up, you gain the other abilities listed on higher Levels.


Each class also has multiple subclasses you can choose from. This represents the difference between multiple types of Fighters, or multiple types of Wizards for example.

You choose your Subclass at specific Levels listed in the Class that you have chosen


When you Level up, you don’t need to pick a Level in a Class that you have. You can have 2 Levels in the Barbarian Class and 5 Levels in the Fighter Class for example. However, we recommend you take at least 5 Levels in a single Class before you start multiclassing.