Equipment Rules

Items can have a significant impact on your adventure, providing your character with the tools needed to overcome various challenges.

In this section, we’ll explore the different types of items available in the game. Special items, which grant unique abilities and bonuses, will be covered in a separate section. The main categories of items in the game include armor, shields, weapons, tools, and


Equipment Slots

Some equipment requires Body Slots to be used. These are all Body Slots available to you:

  • 1 Head Slot
  • 1 Body Slot
  • 1 Boots Slot
  • 1 Hands Slot
  • 3 Accessories Slots


Special items cannot be used immediately upon acquiring them. First, they must be attuned to you. You can attune to any item you are currently holding during a long rest. If you finish a long rest without the item, it becomes unattuned.

To attune to an item that requires a body slot, you must be wearing it or have it close by. Therefore, you can be attuned to a maximum of 3 accessories at once, for example. However, there is no limit to the number of attunements you can have.

Starting Equipment

You start with the following equipments of your choice:

  • Some small objects of your choice: can be an instrument, a book, or any small object that would make sense for your character to carry around.
  • 2 weapons or 1 weapon and 1 shield: Choose any two weapons, or one Weapon and one Shield for your character to start with.
  • 1 Armor: Choose 1 of the following Armors for your character to start with: Leather ArmorHide ArmorScale Armor or Banded Mail.
  • Tools: You can start with all Tools you know how to use

Backpack Slots (Optional)

It might be cumbersome to carry 10 weapons at once, even if you are strong enough to do so. You can use Backpack slots to determine how many things you can carry. If you exceed your Backpack Slots, you become Contained.

The number of Backpack Slots depends on the size of a creature. A tiny creature has 5 Backpack Slots, and for each size larger than tiny, a creature gains 5 Backpack Slots. So a small creature would have 10 Backpack Slots, and a medium one would have 15 Backpack Slots, for example.

Each item you carry costs a certain amount of Backpack Slots. The amount of slots each type of item needs is shown in the Backpack Slot Table.

Item Type Backpack Slot
Light Weapon or Buckler
Medium Shields, Brawling, Martial or Finesse Weapons
Great Shields or Heavy Weapons

Re-Skin (Optional)

You might want to use a Great Club or a Trident or any specific equipment that is not listed. In this case, you can easily Reskin an equipment to match the specific type of gear that would make more sense for your character.

A Trident could easily be used as a Spear, and a Great Club could easily be used as a Great Hammer for example.