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Worldbuilding serves as one of the cornerstone elements for creating immersive and engaging games. The world itself can captivate the player’s imagination, making the adventure as a whole more interesting.

You can either create your own world or use one that already exists. Elysium’s Door offers the world of Illiria for you to use as inspiration or to serve as the setting for your games. However, you can use any setting you want, be it from movies, games, or books. Inspiration is everywhere!

Here are a couple of tips for you to worldbuild:

  • Start Small: Don’t get bogged down in creating every detail before your players even set foot in your world. Start with the important things, like where the adventure begins, the people they are going to meet first, and the first quests, for example.

  • Worldbuilding is a collaborative effort: Don’t be afraid to involve your players in the process. Ask them for their ideas and suggestions. Through their character backstories, they can help you flesh out some parts of the world!

  • Build as you go: Your world should be full of possibilities, where players can create their own stories. Don’t be afraid to improvise!

  • The players’ decisions affect the world: The players’ actions have consequences. As you play, the world will change because of those actions, whether positive or negative. Showing these changes to the players will make them feel more immersed in the world.