Rune Of Zeus’s Great Lightning

Very Rare Rune

When you hit an Attack with the weapon carrying this rune, you can use your Reaction to deal extra 6d6 electric damage. In addition, you can then choose any creature within 100 feet from the target you hit.

Those targets must then make a Reflex Save against your Arcana, taking 6d6 electric damage on a fail, or half as much on a success.


Runes are magical signs inscribed in an equipment, which can be used to activate a magical effect. Once a Rune is used, it disappears and it cannot be used again. A creature can only carry 1 Rune, which must be inscribed in an equipment which it is attuned with in order to be used.

With 3 hours of work, you can inscribe Runes in any equipment by using Magical Gems. When you do so, you must make a Check using the Tool’s skill (Arcana or Tools Manipulation).

If the result is equal or higher than the Check DC on the Spellcraft Table, you succeed and you then inscribe a Rune with the same rarity as the Magical Gem used. On a fail, you waste the Magical Gem instead.

Spellcraft Table
Rarity Check DC
Very Rare