Young Yeti


The Yeti, often referred to as the “Abominable Snowman”, is a mysterious and elusive creature said to inhabit the remote and snowy mountains. Towering over the average human, the Yeti stands between 10 to 12 feet tall, with a broad and muscular build. Its dense fur, ranging from pure white to grayish-brown, acts as a natural camouflage amidst the snow, aiding its reputation as an almost spectral being. Large feet with sharp claws not only assist the Yeti in traversing the treacherous terrain, but also leave distinctive footprints in the snow, which have become iconic symbols of its existence.

Legend and local folklore paint the Yeti as both a gentle giant living in harmony with the mountains and a fierce protector of its territory. While some stories tell of it helping lost travelers, others speak of unwary wanderers being attacked by this formidable beast. The natives of the region often regard the Yeti with a mix of reverence and fear, seeing it as a guardian of the mountains, a deity, or even a forebearer to humankind. Its vocalizations, described as eerie howls echoing in the valleys, further enhance its mystique.

art by @ebragaartes
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