Young Poison Dragon

Poison Dragons

Hidden in the shadows, Poison Dragons are unlike any other of their kin, known not for their hoard of gold or jewels, but for their insatiable desire to exert control over beings of influence. With sleek, serpentine forms, these dragons secrete a potent toxin – not to harm, but to bend the will of those they deem useful. Their scales shimmer in hues of dark green and purple, a reflection of their venomous nature. This venom, a rare commodity, is often used to ensnare kings, lords, and other powerful figures, making them puppets in the dragon’s grand machinations.

Instead of direct confrontation, Poison Dragons prefer the art of manipulation, bribery, and covert tactics. Their immense intelligence and charm allow them to weave intricate webs of deceit, making them the unseen masterminds behind political upheavals, coups, and even wars. They delight in watching empires rise and fall by their design, and while they rarely show themselves, their influence can be felt everywhere. Tales abound of kingdoms brought to their knees, not by the might of armies, but by the whispered words of a Poison Dragon, manipulating events from a secluded lair.

Should one ever cross paths with a Poison Dragon, it is advised to tread with utmost caution. Their cunning is unmatched, and their schemes can span decades, even centuries. While their physical might is formidable, it is their strategic intellect that poses the greatest threat. To be in the favor of a Poison Dragon is to have a powerful ally, but to be their enemy is to be caught in a web from which few ever escape. Their ultimate goal is always control, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it.

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