Young Kobold


Kobolds occupy an intriguing niche. Standing at just around 2 to 2.5 feet tall, these reptilian beings possess scales that range in color from rusty brown to deep crimson, and eyes that gleam with mischief and cunning. They are most often found in subterranean lairs, old mines, or in the shadowy recesses of forests. Despite their diminutive stature, kobolds are known to be resourceful and inventive, often setting elaborate traps to protect their homes or to capture prey. Their nimble fingers are adept at crafting and tinkering, making them proficient in creating rudimentary tools and weapons.

Yet, for all their cunning and guile, kobolds are often seen as the butt of many tales and legends, and not without reason. A curious twist of fate has bestowed upon them a predisposition to be incredibly unlucky. From haplessly triggering their own traps to misjudging the strength of their opponents, kobolds have an uncanny knack for finding themselves in unfortunate situations. This intrinsic unluckiness has given rise to many tales where adventurers, rather than fearing a kobold’s trap, are more wary of the unintended consequences that might arise from the creature’s own misfortune.

art by @rafaellam
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