Yellow Ash

Conjuration School – Level 4 – Forbidden

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 30 feet

Duration: 10 minutes

Effect: You conjure a cloud of toxic ashes from the forbidden yellow flame, which you exhale from your lungs.

A 30 feet wide and 45 feet long area in front of you becomes covered by this yellow ash.

All creatures in this area become partially Blinded and start to Suffocate.

In addition, a creature that starts its turn inside this area, or enters in this area for the first time during their turn must make an Endurance Save. On a fail, the creature takes 1d8 fire and 1d8 poison damage and becomes Ignited (1d8) and Poisoned (1d8, 1 turn). On a success, it only takes half this damage.

A creature that takes this fire damage must also make an Insight Save. On a fail, the creature takes 2d8 psychic damage and becomes Confused. On a success, it only takes half that damage.

After you cast this spell, you become Poisoned (1d8, 1 turn) and also start to Suffocate for 3 turns. You must also succeed on a Concentration Save (DC 15) after you cast this spell, or become Confused.

The spell ends if a strong wind disperse the ashes.

Curse: The yellow flame burns your mind, and it becomes stronger while your mind is unstable. While Confused, you automatically become Ignited (1d6).

Upcast: If you upcast this spell, you can increase this psychic damage by 1d12 for each level upcasted.

Spell List: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard