Wyverns are magnificent yet fearsome winged reptiles, often mistaken for dragons by those unfamiliar with the nuances of mythical creatures. Distinguished by their long, serpentine body and two powerful wings, Wyverns lack the forelegs that most dragons possess, giving them an appearance reminiscent of a bird of prey combined with a serpent. Their tails, long and sinuous, often end in a venomous barb capable of delivering a deadly toxin to those unlucky enough to be stung, rendering them formidable adversaries in aerial combat.

The habitat of the Wyvern spans high mountain cliffs, craggy caverns, and other remote locations, far from human settlements. These creatures are highly territorial, guarding their chosen domain with unmatched ferocity and often hunting large mammals, including deer, bears, and sometimes even stray livestock. When provoked or threatened, a Wyvern can unleash its full might, swooping down from the sky with blazing speed, its piercing cry echoing as a harbinger of doom.