Conjuration School – Level 9 – Forbidden

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: Self

Duration: Instantaneous

Effect: You fulfill any wish you may have.

You may ask for anything, and the spell will distort reality itself in order to grant you your wish.

However, the spell may have unforeseen consequences. If you are not specific about the wish, the spell can bend reality in dangerous ways.

If you wish for a creature to die, the spell may transform that creature into an Undead creature, or it may just transport you to the future where that creature dies.

If you wish for a creature to disappear, the spell could simply make that creature become invisible or make you become completely Blinded for example.

Divine Curse: An unimaginable amount of stress is placed on your soul after you cast this spell.

After the first time you cast this spell, you lose 100 HP and become Exhausted. The second time you cast this spell, you immediately lose 100 HP, become Exhausted, and you are also are reduced to 1 HP right after. The third time you cast this spell, your soul is completely crushed and you die, and you cannot come back to life by any means.

This Curse cannot be broken, even by the effects of the Wish spell.

Spell List: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard