Wild Living Harpy Talons

Very Rare Boots- 1 Boots Slot

Special Effect: While you are flying, you can use your Bonus Action to make 1 Talons Attack, which has the following traits:

Harpy Talons

Skill Damage Roll Traits
Wild Handling
1d6 slash or thrust
Aerial Grab, Light Attack
  • Aerial Grab: If you hit 2 Attacks against the same creature on your turn, you can grab that creature. If you drop that creature, it must succeed on a Brawling Save against your Wild Handling to keep holding you and avoid falling. That creature must then repeat this Save at the start of your turns.
  • Light Attack: You make 2 Attacks. If the first Attack was with advantage or disadvantage, the second Attack gains the same advantage or disadvantage.
Elysium's Door