Wight Berserker


Wights are formidable undead entities trapped between realms, unable to find peace and transition to the next plane of existence. Often enveloped in mist, their eerie presence can send shivers down the spines of the living.

Traditionally, wights are thought to dwell in places saturated with death, such as burial mounds, graveyards, and other sites tied to the deceased. They are most active at night, particularly between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, a period referred to as the “wild hunt.” During these shadowed months, wights are believed to traverse the land, pursuing and terrorizing those unlucky enough to cross their path.

Yet, not all wights emerge from tormented spirits. Some are conjured through arcane magic to serve powerful spellcasters. These magically-created wights often guard sacred sites, treasured relics, or pivotal figures. However, when such wights break free from their bindings, they are feared for their volatile and unpredictable nature.

art by @erickmore.art