Two Headed Gnoll


Gnolls are hyena-headed, humanoid creatures that stand taller and bulkier than the average human. Their hunched postures, coupled with their lean muscular frames, give them a distinctive and menacing silhouette. Their mottled fur ranges from dark brown to dusty yellow, providing them natural camouflage in the wild. Long, powerful limbs end in sharp claws, and their wide maws boast rows of jagged teeth. Intense, yellow eyes shine with intelligence and a consistent gleam of mischief or malice.

Gnolls are insatiable in their hunger for violence and destruction. Driven by an inherent need for chaos, they roam the lands in marauding bands, pillaging villages and taking prisoners for either slaves or food. Their society is tribal, with a strict hierarchy determined by brute strength and combat prowess. Although often perceived as mere beasts, gnolls possess a cunning intelligence that they utilize in warfare, combining their predatory instincts with calculated strategy. Ritualistic and superstitious, they are known to offer sacrifices to their demonic patron, hoping to gain favor and blessings for their bloodthirsty endeavors.

art by @victhelion