True Hunter’s Mark

Divination School – Level 3

Type: Quick Spell, using a Bonus Action

Reach: Self

Duration: 24 hours, using Concentration

Effect: You use powerful magic to mark a creature.

You can either mark a creature that you can see within 60 feet, or mark it by studying its tracks for at least 1 minute.

You gain advantage on all Nature, Investigation or Perception Checks to either track or see the marked target. You always sense the direction of that target, as long as it is on the same dimension as you. In addition, you also gain the following effects:

  • Once per Action, when you hit an Attack against the marked creature, you deal extra 1d8 damage to it. If the creature was a Beast, you deal extra 2d8 damage instead.

  • Before the marked creature Attacks you, you can use your Reaction to impose disadvantage on that Attack. If the Attack misses, you can make 1 Attack of Opportunity against that creature using this same Reaction.

Spell List: Ranger