Telepathic Brain Exposed Monkey

Telepathic Apes

In the most forbidden depths of arcane experimentation, where the boundaries of nature and eldritch might blur into abominable union, the Telepathic Apes were birthed. Once ordinary apes, these creatures have been irrevocably transmuted by dark sorcery, their forms now a grotesque blend of beast and aberration. Their eyes have withered away, leaving sunken voids, but this loss is overshadowed by their grotesquely enlarged and exposed brains, pulsating with unnatural power. These brains, throbbing and wet, serve as conduits for their heightened intelligence and their formidable eldritch prowess.

Devoid of sight, these apes have developed a keen sense of echolocation, emitting imperceptible frequencies that allow them to perceive their surroundings with uncanny precision. However, it is their newfound telepathic abilities that are most fearsome. With but a thought, they can invade the minds of others, bending lesser creatures to their will or sowing seeds of madness with whispered eldritch truths. Their spells are not limited to the mental realm; the arcane energies that have twisted their forms also grant them the power to weave formidable eldritch magic, hurling blasts of dark energy or summoning otherworldly entities to do their bidding.

To encounter a Telepathic Ape is to face a being of cunning intelligence and arcane might. Their transformations have not only amplified their physical and magical abilities but have also heightened their innate primal instincts. As a result, they can be both calculated and wildly unpredictable. While some may harness their powers to dominate their habitats, others might be driven by an insatiable curiosity, seeking to understand the magic that changed them, or perhaps to find a way to reverse it. But one thing is certain: they are no longer mere beasts but eldritch entities of formidable power.

art by @ebragaartes