Staff of Bleeding

Uncommon Staff

Special Effect: When a creature within 30 feet of you makes a Save against Bleeding, you can use your Reaction to impose disadvantage on that Save.

Attunement Price: 5 bleed damage when you finish a Long rest

Magic Staffs

Magic Staffs are items that can greatly alter the spells that you cast, and some let you cast spells for free, without using Mana. However, you must pay a price in order to keep attuned with a Staff. Most Staffs will require you to spend Mana when you finish a Long rest to keep attuned with them, but others can require blood, or even your own soul as their price.

You must be holding the Staff with 1 hand in order to benefit from its effects, and you no longer need 1 free hand to cast Normal Spells while holding a Staff.