Spell Trigger

Ignition School – Level 5

Type: Ritual Spell

Material: 1 Rare Magical Gem

Casting Time: 1 hour

Reach: Self

Duration: 1 month

Effect: You create a rune and inscribe it onto yourself. This rune stores 4th Level or lower spell of your choice, which is automatically casted when a trigger you specify happens.

Once you finish casting this Ritual Spell, you must then cast the 4th Level or lower spell you want to store by using Mana (if possible). The spell remains stored until the trigger happens, or until you cast this Ritual Spell again, or until this spell ends.

However, the spell you stored only affects you and no other creatures. So if you store a spell such as Fireball, you would only explode yourself when the trigger happens.

You then specify an event to trigger the automatic casting of the spell you stored. This event can be anything you wish for, like clapping your hands, blinking your eye in a specific order, if you are reduced to 10 HP or less, or any other thing.

The spell is then automatically casted when the trigger happens, not requiring any type of Action from you.

Spell List: Inventor, Wizard