Spell Trap

Ignition School – Level 3

Type: Ritual Spell

Material: 1 Uncommon Magical Gem

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Reach: 5 feet

Duration: 1 month

Effect: You create a rune that stores a specific spell.

You create a rune and inscribe in the ground, a wall, or a ceiling within reach. Once you finish casting this Ritual Spell, you can store any 2nd Level or lower spell you know into this rune. The spell remains stored until a trigger you specify happens, until the rune moves out of its original place, or until this spell ends.

This trigger can be anything you wish for, like clapping your hands, a creature approaching the rune, a specific time frame, or a specific phrase being said out loud for example.

The spell is then automatically casted from that rune when the trigger happens, not requiring any type of Action from you. If the stored spell has a reach of Self or Touch, it affects 1 creature that is within 5 feet of that rune instead.

Spell List: Inventor, Wizard

Elysium's Door