Snake Buckler

Rare Shield

Shield Type: Wooden Buckler

Special Effect 1: When you use your Reaction to defend with this Shield, you can make 1 Snake Bite Attack with that same Reaction.

Special Effect 2: While holding this Shield, you can use your Action to make 1 Snake Bite Attack. This Attack has the following traits:

Snake Bite Attack

Skill Damage Roll Traits
Wild Handling
1d4 thrust
Aquatic, Long Reach, Poison Hit
  • Aquatic: Being Underwater does not impose disadvantage on the Attacks made by this weapon.
  • Long Reach: The reach of this weapon is 10 feet
  • Poison Hit: On a hit, the target must succeed on an Endurance Save against your Wild Handling, or become Poisoned (1d4, 1 turn). If the target was already Poisoned, it takes 1d4 poison damage instead.