Small Nightmare Web

Nightmare Webs

Whispered about in hushed tones among seasoned adventurers, the Nightmare Webs are one of the most deceptive and deadly oozes lurking in the dark corners of the world. At first glance, these oozes seem like nothing more than the intricate designs of spider webs, often found adorning the ceilings and walls of caves, forests, or abandoned buildings. Their thin, silvery strands glinting in the dim light may lure the unsuspecting closer, only to reveal the horrifying truth of their nature when it’s too late.

Possessing an agility and flexibility unparalleled among other oozes, Nightmare Webs can spring to life with shocking speed. When a creature comes into contact with them, the web’s strands immediately adhere, expanding and contracting to envelop their prey. The ooze secretes a potent acidic toxin upon contact, beginning the slow process of digestion. Every aspect of the Nightmare Web is a tool of ensnarement, from its stickiness to its stretchability, designed to trap, poison, and consume anything unlucky enough to touch it.

The Nightmare Webs’ ability to mimic the appearance of regular spider webs makes them especially dangerous. Their presence turns seemingly harmless paths or treasure-laden rooms into deadly traps. However, there’s a glimmer of hope for those trapped in their grasp. Fire is the bane of these treacherous oozes. Those who’ve faced them advise carrying torches or fire-based magics when delving into unknown territories, as the bright flames can cause the webs to retract and shrivel. Tales of close encounters with Nightmare Webs often emphasize the lifesaving grace of a well-timed blaze, illuminating the darkness and warding off one of the most fearsome foes of the underworld.

art by @rafaellam
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