Small Living Poison

Living Poisons

In the shadowed annals of ancient myths and legends, tales whisper of the Living Poisons, oozes of incomparable toxicity. Many believe these malevolent entities to be the very droplets of venom from Jormungand, the World Serpent itself. According to the legends, as the massive serpent encircles the Earth, some of its venom seeps into the world, giving life to these treacherous oozes. Skeptics and scholars often dispute this origin, attributing the emergence of these creatures to more mundane sources. However, the potency of the Living Poisons and their unnatural aura lend weight to the mythological explanations.

Emerging as shimmering pools of swirling, venomous color, the Living Poisons are not only deadly to the touch but also exude a noxious miasma that taints the very air around them. This rotting aura can debilitate and poison those unlucky enough to venture too close, making every breath a potential death sentence. While their corrosive surfaces hunger to dissolve and assimilate any organic matter they contact, it is their surrounding haze of decay that transforms entire regions into forbidden zones of death.

While the debate about their origin continues, one aspect remains unequivocal: the danger they pose. Whether born from the venom of a primordial beast or some other dark mystery, these oozes are synonymous with inevitable doom. Adventurers encountering these lethal threats are advised to wield powerful antidotes, utilize purifying magics, or, in the best interest of self-preservation, evade the Living Poisons altogether.

art by @rafaellam