Small Gelatinous Cube

Gelatinous Cubes

The Gelatinous Cube is a creature of haunting paradox, appearing as a nearly invisible and quivering mass in the darkest recesses of dungeons and underground lairs. Its highly transparent body, resembling that of a gelatinous structure, allows it to lie in ambush, camouflaging almost perfectly against the shadows. Many a hapless adventurer, not alert to the subtle shifts of light or slight distortions in the surrounding environment, has walked directly into the waiting maw of this gelatinous predator, quickly becoming swalloed and slowly digested over time.

While this creature might appear passive and benign due to its lack of discernable facial features or appendages, it is a relentless and efficient predator. Its primary mode of hunting is patience; the cube remains stationary, waiting for prey to stumble upon it. As it digests its victims, their skeletal remains linger within its clear mass, floating like grim trophies. This gruesome display gives rise to one of the cube’s most eerie and misleading characteristics. From a distance or in fleeting glances, these floating skeletons can be easily mistaken for undead spirits or apparitions, warding off intruders and reinforcing the many myths and tales of haunted dungeons.

To face a Gelatinous Cube is to face the quiet, creeping dread of the unknown. Its nature and appearance toy with adventurers’ fears, turning what one expects from a monster on its head. Those who know of them remain ever vigilant, casting wary eyes to the dark corners and seemingly empty hallways of deep places, ever aware that what seems to be merely air or shadow might in fact be a lurking, gelatinous doom.

art by @rafaellam
Elysium's Door