Small Black Ooze

Black Oozes

Among the enigmas of the multiverse, the Black Oozes stand as one of the most perplexing and ominous. Unlike the simpler oozes known to most adventurers, these entities seem to hail from realms or dimensions beyond comprehension, their pitch-black forms alluding to the void of deep space. Their appearance as swirling, dark masses is deceptively simple; beneath the surface lurks an intellect that is both alien and profound. Their movements and actions, synchronized and precise, suggest a hive-mind connection, painting a picture of a collective consciousness that operates with a singular, yet unfathomable purpose.

The danger of the Black Oozes isn’t merely in their intelligence but also in their inherent properties. Anything they touch is subjected to rapid and unyielding corrosion, with materials from metals to organic matter dissolving into nothingness. This capability, combined with their ability to blend seamlessly into shadows, makes them nightmarish adversaries. One might never see them approach until it’s too late, the only warning being the silent disintegration of ground, wall, or armor as the ooze makes its inexorable advance.

While many monsters can be understood through study or interaction, the Black Oozes defy such attempts. Their motivations, origins, and objectives remain shrouded in enigma. Are they scouts for a distant alien force? Emissaries from a universe unlike our own? Or simply a cosmic anomaly? Whatever the answer, those who cross paths with these dark entities are advised to tread with extreme caution. Until their purpose is revealed, the Black Oozes remain a symbol of the mysterious and unknown dangers lurking in the vastness beyond our world.

art by @rafaellam
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