Sloth Demon


Demons, hailing from the chaotic abysses and infernal realms, are malevolent beings of immense power and dread. These entities are embodiments of chaos, destruction, and evil, driven by malefic desires and an insatiable hunger for souls. Crafted from the very essence of sin and vice, their forms can range from the grotesque and monstrous, with horned visages, leathery wings, and infernal flames, to the beguilingly human-like, designed to deceive and corrupt the unwary.

Their motives can be as varied as their appearance, but one thing remains constant: a demon’s innate desire to spread misery and darkness. Some seek to possess and control mortal vessels, spreading havoc and devastation in the mortal realm, while others are content with the pure torture and consumption of souls in their own hellish domains.

art by @victhelion
Elysium's Door