Uncommon Potion

An adrenaline hush strikes you. You gain the following effects, which last for 10 minutes:

  • You immediately gain 10 Posture
  • You are considered in fast terrain
  • When you hit a Melee Attack, you can deal extra +2 damage with it. Light Weapon Attacks deal extra +1 damage instead.

After those 10 minutes, you become Exhausted. If you were already Exhausted, you instead become Unconscious for 1 hour.


Potions can be crafted with Alchemist’s Tools and grant unique effects when consumed.

As an Action, you can consume 1 Potion or apply it to any willing creature within 5 feet, using a free hand.

Alchemist's Potions Table
Potion Type Type of Alchemical Needed Check DC
Common Potions
Common Alchemical
Uncommon Potions
Common Alchemical
Rare Poitions
Magical Alchemical
Very Rare Poitions
Magical Alchemical
Relical Potions
Relical Alchemical