Skin-Thief Cockroach

Alien Insects

Often emerging from shadowy corners of otherworldly dimensions, the Alien Insects strike terror into all who encounter them. Unlike the benign insects of Earth, these creatures wield nefarious powers and exhibit behaviors that reflect their extraterrestrial origins.

Skin-Thief Cockroaches: These monstrous cockroaches, sometimes growing to the size of a cow, are not content with scavenging on mere scraps. With a horrifying twist, they ambush their prey, secreting a corrosive acids through their mandibles. Once their target inside is melted, the roach begins its grotesque ritual, meticulously peeling off and absorbing the skin of its victim. This not only provides the creature with sustenance, but it also allows the cockroach to take on the appearance of the prey, using its stolen skin as a grotesque camouflage, perfect for luring in its next meal.

Brain Flies: At first glance, these macabre creatures appear as floating human brains with delicate mosquito wings shimmering in the light. However, their intentions are far from benign. The Brain Flies hover silently above their prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Once they select a target, they pierce the skull with a razor-sharp proboscis, injecting a brain larva. Over time, the host’s brain is consumed, and a new Brain Fly emerges to continue the cycle of terror.

Antlions: Although their Earthly counterparts are relatively harmless, the alien Antlions are colossal terrors, creating vast pit traps in interstellar sands. The unsuspecting wanderer who falls into one of these traps is greeted by massive, snapping mandibles, strong enough to crush bone and metal alike. Driven by insatiable hunger, the Antlion waits patiently beneath the surface, its antennae sensitive to the slightest vibration. Once it detects movement, it bursts forth in a shower of sand and debris, dragging its victim below for a gruesome feast.

art by @Abacaxigrlhado