Siren Screamer


Sirens are creatures of beauty and death, born from the foam of the sea and gifted with voices that can seduce even the strongest-willed of sailors. Their songs are enchanting, filled with longing and promise, and those who hear them cannot resist their call. But be warned, for the sirens are not friends of mortals – they are hunters, and their prey is the very flesh of men.

Those who have survived encounters with sirens speak of their power to captivate and enthrall, to lead men to their death with a single song. Their voices are like the whispering winds of the sea, and their beauty is beyond compare. But those who succumb to their siren call are doomed to a fate worse than death, for their souls will be claimed by the sirens and trapped forever in the depths of the sea. So if you hear the haunting melody of a siren’s song in the distance, beware – for it may be the last thing you ever hear.

art by @wellpassoni
Elysium's Door