Second Self

Illusion School – Level 6

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: Unlimited

Duration: 8 hours, using Concentration

Effect: You create a perfect illusory copy of yourself.

The Illusion is immaterial and it cannot physically interact with the real world. However, the illusion can still make any sound you could and it is exactly like you. If something touches the illusion, the illusion becomes transparent and distorted, revealing to anyone it is an illusion.

You can share (or stop sharing) senses with illusion as a Free Action. You can see and hear everything as if you were in the illusion’s location. However, you are completely Blinded and Deafened while sharing senses with the illusion.

You have total control over the illusion. It has the same movement speeds as you do, but it is always considered in fast terrain. The illusion can also use the flying speed with Hover as its Base Speed.

The illusion also shares your AC, but it only has 1 HP. The illusion is immune to all damages, except psychic damage. If the illusion would take any damage, you also take that damage. If the illusion is reduced to 0 HP, the spell ends. The illusion cannot Attack nor cast any spells.

This spell has unlimited reach. You can make the illusion appear in any location that you physically were before at least once. This location cannot be in other dimensions.

A creature can use its Action to make 1 Investigation Check to analyze the illusion. This Check DC is equal to 10 + your Spell Skill. On a success, it can determine it is an illusion due to the lack of weight and physical interaction. On a fail, the creature is convinced that the illusion is real.

Spell List: Bard, Wizard

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