Redcap Cult Leader


Redcaps are malevolent fey creatures, easily recognizable by their short stature, old, gnarled appearance, and the distinctive crimson caps they wear. These caps are not just for fashion; they derive their rich hue from being soaked in the blood of their victims, which grants these creatures their terrifying power. Once materialized, they seek out more bloodshed to sustain their existence.

These wicked fae are equipped with iron boots, which clank ominously as they move, and are armed with sharp, heavy pikes that they wield with uncanny dexterity. Possessing incredible speed despite their tiny legs, Redcaps can close the distance between themselves and their prey in an astonishingly short amount of time. They’re relentless in their pursuit, and once they’ve set their sights on a target, escape is rarely an option. Furthermore, legend has it that if the Redcap’s hat dries out from lack of blood, the creature dies, making them ever-desperate and insatiably bloodthirsty.

art by @victhelion