Power Weapon

Ignition School – Level 4

Type: Quick Spell, using an Action

Reach: Self

Duration: 1 minute, using Concentration

Effect: You imbue a weapon with powerful raw energy.

Make a Melee Attack using any weapon as normal (without using your Spell Skill). On a hit, the target takes extra 2d8 force damage, ignoring all AP.

While Concentrating on this spell, you can use 1 Action to repeat this Attack. The spell does not end even if you hit an Attack.

If you are using Light Weapons, only the first Attack is affected by this spell.

Upcast: If you upcast this spell, you can increase this force damage by 1d8 for each level upcasted.

Spell List: Inventor, Paladin, Ranger, Wizard

Elysium's Door