Potion of Dragon Soul

Relical Potion

You transform into any Draconic creature of Tier 4 or lower of your choice. You cannot use any of your own abilities, except for the abilities of the dragon you turned into.

You also use all the stats and skills of the Draconic creature you transformed, however you cannot use any Villain Actions of that dragon.

You also use the Posture and HP of the draconic creature you transform, instead of your own normal Posture and HP. If you are reduced to 0 HP while in your dragon form, you revert back to your normal form. Any excess damage that comes after the HP of your dragon form has reached 0 is subtracted by your normal Posture or HP.

Any equipment you are using is also merged into the Dragon form, and it cannot be used.

These effects last for 1 hour.


Potions can be crafted with Alchemist’s Tools and grant unique effects when consumed.

As an Action, you can consume 1 Potion or apply it to any willing creature within 5 feet, using a free hand.

Alchemist's Potions Table
Potion Type Type of Alchemical Needed Check DC
Common Potions
Common Alchemical
Uncommon Potions
Common Alchemical
Rare Poitions
Magical Alchemical
Very Rare Poitions
Magical Alchemical
Relical Potions
Relical Alchemical