Plague Witch Ratoid


Ratoids, also known as the shadow vermin, are menacing, bipedal creatures with the deceptive cunning of rats and the physical might of a well-trained human. Standing at an average of five feet tall, these beasts exhibit humanoid rat features, with long, twitchy whiskers, piercing beady eyes, and sleek, dark fur that lets them blend seamlessly into the shadows. Their agile, muscular bodies allow for stealth and dexterity in urban environments, making them masters at ambushes and hit-and-run tactics.

Unlike their more common rodent counterparts, Ratoids possess a disturbing level of intelligence. While they aren’t capable of sophisticated speech, they communicate amongst themselves using a series of high-pitched chirps and low growls, and it’s rumored that they have a tribal-like social structure in their hidden underground colonies. These creatures hoard treasures, scraps, and trinkets from their conquests or thefts, resulting in their lairs being filled with a mishmash of precious items and random junk. Their preferred habitats are city sewers, derelict buildings, or any dark corners where they can plot their next move away from prying eyes.

Adventurers should approach Ratoids with caution. Equipped with razor-sharp claws and teeth, they can quickly incapacitate an unwary traveler. Moreover, their rapid breeding cycles make them a genuine concern for cities, as a small problem can quickly turn into an infestation. It’s said that if you see one Ratoid, there are at least a dozen more lurking just out of sight. In combat, they often employ guerrilla tactics, attacking from the shadows and retreating before their victim can retaliate. Those who wish to face and eradicate these monsters are advised to be vigilant, quick, and always prepared for the unexpected.

art by @rafaellam