Otherworldly Ghoul


Zombies are a dark and malevolent force that plague the world, a curse upon the living that spreads like a disease through the land. They are the risen dead and mostly a byproduct of dark necrotic magic that went out of control. They are driven by an insatiable hunger for the flesh and blood of the living.

Perhaps the greatest danger posed by the undead is their ability to spread their curse to others. Those who fall victim to the undead are said to become infected with their curse, rising again as undead creatures themselves and perpetuating the cycle of death and destruction. This has led to the creation of entire hoards of undead creatures, marching across the land and leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

Despite the best efforts of the living, the undead continue to spread their curse, infecting more and more people with each passing day. As long as the undead continue to roam the land, mortals will never be truly safe, living in constant fear of the next wave of undead terror that will inevitably come.

art by @wellpassoni