Organic Armor

Rare Armor – 1 Body Slot – Cursed

Requirement: You cannot be immune to bleed damage

Armor Type: Any Armor not made of Metal

Special Effect 1: You gain a +1 bonus to your AC and AP

Special Effect 2: You can let the armor consume you as a Free Action. When you do so, you can let the armor reduce up to 15 HP. You gain 10 Posture for each every 5 HP reduced in this way.

Curse: You cannot end this armor’s attunement, and this armor is attached and fused to your body.

You cannot heal HP normally. Before you heal any HP, you must sacrifice 1 body part to the armor. This body part can be a finger, a tooth, a femur, a rib, etc. Once the armor has consumed 2 body parts, it becomes sentient.

Once the armor has consumed 20 body parts or if you die while the armor is sentient, it will then completely devour you, transforming itself into a Hulking Organic Monstrosity. If this Curse is broken earlier while the armor is sentient, it then transforms into a Organic Monstrosity instead.