Music Box

Uncommon Miscellaneous

Special Effect: This box has 2 compartments; 1 to record sounds and the other to play sounds. When the record compartment is open, it will then record any wound within 100 feet of the box. When the play compartment is open, it will then repeat any sound it recorded. You can also select the sounds recorded using the buttons in the box. The music box can have up to 100 sound records in it.

It’s worth noting that each music box has its own value depending on the sounds recorded in it. A music box with the sounds of an orchestra is much more valuable than an empty music box for example.

Some people also try to record the music from an already existing music box to another music box. However, the quality of the sound is greatly reduced when a sound is recorded this way.

A spell such as the Dispell spell or other similar effect will immediately break the box, and all sounds recorded will then be lost.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items can come in various forms and have various different effects. They don’t need attunement and you can carry as many as you want with no limitation.

They usually are not useful in combat, but they have a lot of utility effects that can bring new creative solutions for complex problems.