Moonlight Wererat


Wererats are malevolent humanoid creatures cursed with a chilling affliction that forces them to straddle the boundary between human and beast. Once regular individuals leading ordinary lives, these unfortunate souls found themselves ensnared by the enigmatic ratoids, a subterranean race of rat-like beings, known for their sinister rituals and malefic incantations. As victims of the ratoids’ dark magic, they were forever changed, bearing a curse that compels them to undergo a grotesque metamorphosis each night, transforming them into wererats.

The transformation is painful. Bones elongate, muscles contort, and skin is overtaken by coarse fur, leaving the afflicted individual a fusion of man and rat. Their senses, particularly their sense of smell and hearing, become remarkably acute, rivalling those of the very rats they resemble. Their newfound agility and strength are matched by an insatiable hunger, driving them to seek out food, particularly in the dark and damp corners of cities or the wilderness. It is said that a wererat can hear the scuttle of a beetle from a distance or sniff out hidden caches of food buried deep underground.

art by @rafaellam