Mimic Shield

Very Rare Shield – Cursed

Shield Type: Any Shield

Special Effect 1: When you use your Reaction to defend with this Shield, you can make 1 Mimic Bite Attack with that same Reaction. If it is a Great Shield, you can use your Reaction to make 1 Mimic Bite Attack against a target that just missed an Attack against you instead.

Special Effect 2: While holding this Shield, you can use your Action to make 1 Mimic Bite Attack. This Attack has the following traits:

Curse: You cannot end this weapon’s attunement, and this shield is attached and fused to your body. The Mimic Shield is constantly hungry, and it can actively try to eat you if it smells any blood. When you take any bleed damage, you must then succeed on a Wild Handling Save (DC 15), or this Shield will then make 1 Mimic Bite against you.

Mimic Bite

Skill Damage Roll Traits
Wild Handling
1d8 thrust + 1d4 acid
  • Corrosion: If a creature that is wearing an Armor made of Metal, or if a Construct is hit by this Attack, that Armor or that Construct takes 1 Corrosion point.