From the dark recesses of ancient myths to the echoing stories told by trembling travelers, Gorgons have long been recognized as one of the most dreaded creatures in the vast tapestry of monstrous beings. At the heart of their terrifying reputation is an ability unlike any other: a curse so potent that a mere gaze can transform the living into lifeless stone. It is said that their very existence is a nexus of nature’s wrath and arcane misfortune, granting them this unique and horrifying power.

As with many entities, Gorgons aren’t bound to a singular form. Their manifestations range from the serpentine-haired Medusa, whose visage was so dire that even her reflection could petrify; to the Basilisk, a reptilian terror whose eyes hold the dread promise of stony imprisonment; and the Cockatrice, a twisted blend of bird and lizard, that petrifies its victims with their deadly poison.

art by @victhelion
Elysium's Door