Meat Core

Undead Meat

Meat blobs are a grotesque and unsettling type of undead creature, typically encountered in dark, forgotten locations such as crypts, dungeons, and catacombs. These entities are composed of reanimated pieces of flesh and organs, magically forged into a writhing, decaying mass that moves with a nauseating, jerky motion.

Despite their repellent appearance, meat blobs are surprisingly durable and challenging to obliterate. Their only discernible weakness is their sluggish movement. Furthermore, they possess the extraordinary ability to regenerate damaged tissue, making them a formidable adversary even for the most accomplished warriors.

The most disturbing feature of meat blobs is their capability to assimilate other beings into their mass. They can engulf smaller animals and even other undead creatures, absorbing their flesh and integrating it into their own undulating mass. Those unfortunate enough to be ensnared by a meat blob are gradually dissolved and incorporated into the creature’s body, becoming an indistinguishable part of the undead mass forever. Few who encounter a meat blob survive to recount the tale, and those who do are frequently traumatized for life by the experience.

art by @wellpassoni