Mass Hypnotize

Enchantment School – Level 5

Type: Normal Spell

Reach: 120 feet

Duration: 8 hours

Effect: You hypnotize multiple creatures, temporarily controlling their actions and thoughts.

All non-hostile Humanoid creatures of your choice within reach must make an Insight Save. On a fail, a Humanoid becomes Enchanted by you. On a success, the Humanoid becomes immune to this spell for the next week and it notices that you tried to hypnotize it.

While Enchanted this way, you can tell a Humanoid any phrase, which it will then regard as an absolute truth. So if you tell the Humanoid that it is a cow, it will immediately act like a cow while Enchanted this way for example.

If the Humanoid takes any damage, if someone uses an Action to shake it, or if it is faces a life threatening situation, it then repeats the Save of this spell.

Spell List: Bard, Wizard