Lion Pride Hide

Very Rare Armor – 1 Body Slot – Cursed

Armor Type: Hide Armor

Special Effect 1: You gain a +1 bonus to your AC and AP

Special Effect 2: Your Unarmed Strikes deal 2d8 strike damage now.

Special Effect 3: Both your Strength and Dexterity stats are increased by +2, to a maximum stat bonus of +7.

Divine Curse: This armor is made of the hide of a beast that personifies pure pride itself. It is said that the beast had pride in defeating all its foes without wielding a single weapon. This pride spreads to the wearer of this armor, making it follow the same rule.

  • While attuned to this armor you cannot make any Attacks using weapons. You can only Attack with your bare fists.
  • You cannot cast any spells either.