Lesser Werewolf


Werewolves are humans who, under specific conditions—most commonly the light of a full moon—undergo a profound and grotesque transformation, morphing into fearsome and feral wolf-like creatures. Their appearances are marked by sharp claws, heightened senses, excessive body hair, and elongated canine teeth capable of tearing flesh from bone.

The curse of lycanthropy, often transmitted through a bite or scratch from an afflicted individual, binds the human and wolfish nature together in a tumultuous relationship. When transformed, the individual’s primal instincts and lust for blood are said to overpower their human sensibilities, making them ruthless hunters and a threat to any unsuspecting beings in their vicinity. 

Yet, their human memories and emotions aren’t entirely suppressed, leading to internal struggles and anguish once they revert to their human form.

art by @rafaellam