Lesser Vampire


“Can you truly judge me without understanding the core of my existence? My thirst for mortal blood is a manifestation of who I am, a step forward in the intricate dance of evolution. This is a nature possibly beyond the grasp of your comprehension.

Isn’t it curious that you, too, are a predator? You consume the flesh of animals without hesitation, yet stand in judgment when I feed on the very essence that sustains life. This makes your accusations seem rather hollow, doesn’t it?

We, the vampires, accept our nature with grace and dignity. We don’t shy away from recognizing our place in the world’s hierarchy. We have shielded humanity, asking only for the barest of tributes in blood. Yet, you perceive me as a creature to be reviled.

Your disdain is not rooted in a genuine moral high ground. Instead, it’s tinged with fear, envy, and perhaps a touch of jealousy. You see the allure, the might, the liberation that we possess. Given the choice, I believe you might even forsake your very essence to stand among us.

I once gazed upon the realm of the undead with longing. Now, having transcended mortality, I am unchained in a world of endless fascination. And no amount of superficial judgment will deter me from my true destiny.”

art by @_valandra_