King of Eyes

Eye Holders

Shrouded in the enigmatic lore of the multiverse, Eye Holders are beings of incomprehensible origin and power. Emerging seemingly from the void, they have been glimpsed across dimensions, epochs, and realities. Scholars and mystics debate their nature, with some arguing that Eye Holders are fundamental constants, woven into the very fabric of existence. With their singular, massive central eye, and myriad snail-like eyes sprouting unpredictably from their form, they are an embodiment of chaos and unpredictability, defying any singular categorization or understanding.

Each eye of a Eye Holder is able to shoot a laser with an unique capability. These lasers can inflict a plethora of effects, from incineration to poisoning and more. As one gazes into these eyes, it’s said they are peering into countless realms and possibilities. No two encounters with a Eye Holder are the same, as their array of optical assaults is as varied as the theories about their origins.

But perhaps the most terrifying aspect of the Eye Holder is its ability to render its dreams into tangible reality. In the midst of conflict, it can spontaneously birth creatures directly from its unconscious mind. Warriors have recounted battles where, suddenly, a mythical beast would manifest, shifting the tide of battle instantaneously. These dream manifestations make every confrontation with a Eye Holder not just a battle against the creature, but a war against the very essence of unpredictability and the uncharted realms of its imagination.

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