Devils are cunning and malevolent entities from the infernal planes, known not for their raw destructive urges like their demon counterparts, but for their intricate webs of deception and manipulation. With a natural inclination towards hierarchy and order, devils operate within a strict caste system, where each member knows its place and role. Their appearance can vary widely, from the horned and cloven-hoofed traditionalist view to more refined, almost regal visages, always carrying an air of terrifying elegance. But what truly sets them apart is their penchant for making pacts; they are master negotiators, always seeking to entice mortals into selling their souls for power, knowledge, or other ephemeral desires.

Rather than resort to brute force, a devil’s primary weapon is its silver tongue. They exploit the weaknesses and desires of their quarry, weaving contracts that might seem favorable at first glance but often carry hidden costs and consequences. These pacts are meticulously crafted, binding the signatory in ways they might never have imagined. However, despite their deceitful nature, devils are known to honor these contracts to the letter, even if they twist the spirit of the agreement to their advantage. This adherence to rules and the importance they place on the sanctity of contracts makes them somewhat predictable, allowing those well-versed in infernal law a chance to outwit them.

Elysium's Door