Imaginary Weapon

Relical Weapon – Cursed

Weapon Type: When you Switch Shield or Weapon, you can also change the form of this Weapon to become any other Favorite Weapon of your choice.

Special Effect 1: This weapon is completely invisible and impossible to be perceived, not even with Blind Senses or True Vision. The only creature capable of seeing this weapon is its own user. You gain advantage to all Attacks with this weapon.

Special Effect 2: On a hit, you can deal extra +6 damage. 

Light Weapon Attacks deal extra +3 damage instead. 

You choose the type of this extra damage before you Attack.

Special Effect 3: Once per round, you can cast any spell of Level 2 or lower using this weapon without using Mana. You can choose any skill to be your Spell Skill for that spell.

Curse: You cannot end this weapon’s attunement, as it exists only in your mind and it reappears whenever you imagine it again. This weapon itself is a paradox and it might leave its user completely mad, without being able to distinguish reality from imagination. The Curse has the following effects:

  • You automatically fail any Perception or Insight Check or Save, as you become unable to tell what you see is real or not. Your Passive Perception and Insight also become 0.
  • If you score a Critical Fail with this weapon, you roll on the Imaginary Fumble Table instead of the normal Fumble Table:

Imaginary Fumble Table

1d4 Misfortune Effect
This Weapon stops existing for the next minute
Your Imagination leaves you Confused
An Imaginary Enemy appears. The GM puts 1 hostile creature in combat and this creature is only visible to you and it can only interact with you
You stop existing for the next minute