Ice Statue

Ice Constructs

In the frozen heart of the world’s most chilling realms, elemental energies and ancient magics give birth to the Ice Constructs. These entities are not born of flesh and bone but are sculpted from the very glaciers, snowbanks, and icy caverns they emerge from. Ethereal blue lights often dance within their crystalline forms, giving onlookers the faintest hint of the powerful arcane energy that sustains them. Their appearance can vary drastically – from humanoid shapes with features as detailed as any statue, to ferocious beasts with deadly, razor-sharp icy spikes, or even abstract forms that defy logical comprehension. But no matter their shape, their cold, clear surfaces are always deceptively beautiful, reflecting light in myriad shimmering patterns, captivating and ensnaring the gaze of the unwary.

art by @rafaellam
Elysium's Door